Jeff R Grose Photo

Warsaw Mayor Jeff R. Grose is currently serving his first term as Mayor, having been elected in November of 2023.

Mayor Grose previously served six terms as a Warsaw Common Councilman.  He also served as a member of the Warsaw Plan Commission, Board of Public Works & Safety, Warsaw Redevelopment Commission, Warsaw Parks & Recreation Board, and Oakwood Cemetery Board of Regents.  He furthered his public service by serving as Chair of the Warsaw Deer Task Force, a member of the Council Wage & Benefits Committee, and the Council Non-Profits Committee.  

He is a graduate of Warsaw Community High School; Northwestern University, B.S. in Education and Social Policy; Indiana University, M.S. in Secondary Education.  He coached basketball and taught social studies at Warsaw Community High School for almost three decades, most recently serving as the Department Chair.  He continues to teach in a part-time role at Grace College as a political science professor.

Mayor Grose is married to his wife, Rachel.  He and his wife have four children and one grandchild.   He is a member of the Winona Lake Grace Church.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and is responsible for all operations of the city departments. The mayor appoints heads of the executive departments and many board and commission members and presides over the Common Council and Board of Public Works and Safety meetings.

The Mayor is responsible for enforcing the ordinances of the city and the statutes of the state; ensuring efficient government of the city; filling vacancies in city offices when required; signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city; and approving or vetoing ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the Common Council.

Term of Office

The Mayor's term of office is four years with no restrictions on the number of terms served. A candidate for Mayor must reside within the city and must have been a resident of Warsaw for at least one year.

Jeff R. Grose is the 24th mayor since Warsaw became a city in 1875.

Top Priorities while Serving as Mayor:                                                     

"Neighbors Serving Neighbors while Cultivating Community."


Earn Citizen Trust & Encourage Civic Engagement – “Government of the people, by the people, & for the people

As Mayor of this great city, I will continue to remind everyone to contact me, a member of the Common Council, our Clerk-Treasurer, or a fellow resident who is serving on one of our boards or commissions if there are any questions or concerns about a program, service, or local issue.  As we represent you and attempt to address your concern(s), please remember that we are also your neighbors.  I firmly believe that communication, participation, transparency, and insight for and from constituents is a must if we expect our local government to effectively serve our taxpayers. 

Support Private Sector Investment & Growth – “Warsaw is a desirable place for living, working, & playing”

I will urge other public officials to offer the incentives and tools necessary for the proper expansion of residential, industrial, and commercial development throughout our entire community.  Our residents and business leaders also need a trusted Mayor who is willing to work with all stakeholders – asking not only “what can we do?” to support private sector investment and growth, but also asking “why are we doing this?” as we consider and evaluate the public responsibilities associated with residential, commercial, and industrial growth.

Strengthen Intergovernmental Relations (Warsaw – Kosciusko County – Winona Lake) – “Blurring the Lines”

As Mayor, I must not only provide strong leadership for the Common Council and city department heads, but I must also work closely with other public and private stakeholders in Warsaw, Winona Lake, Kosciusko County, our region, and across the state.  Short and long-term community planning efforts must be a high priority.  Encouraging officials at every level of government to work and plan together will not only enhance public services for citizens living in our jurisdiction, but it will also promote more opportunities for private sector stakeholders to thrive in our surrounding area.

Infrastructure and Transportation Improvements – “Cultivating Community” in our Growing Community

In order to become an even more desirable place for Living, Working, and Playing, we must provide well-maintained streets, public parks, sidewalks, and a network of bike paths for our residents. We must also realize that our Municipal Airport is actually a “Community Airport” serving all Kosciusko County taxpayers.  Executives and local leaders managing our multimillion and multibillion-dollar businesses must have a top-notch airport in order to maintain and expand employment opportunities for the thousands of us Living, Playing and wanting to Work in our community.

Exceptional Police & Fire Departments – “Protecting & Serving” All Residents

Law and order, along with providing exceptional emergency services, will always be top priorities.  Most don’t realize that almost half of our city employees are involved with emergency services.  These two departments also request multimillions of dollars each budget cycle to protect and serve our residents.  Working closely with each Chief, along with other emergency services providers in our area, will enable us to evaluate the short and long term needs of our community in order to provide highly trained personnel to address these realities for all of our residents. 

Committed to Limited Government while also Promoting Good Government – “Neighbors Serving Neighbors”

Whether it is helping a family lay to rest a departed loved one, assisting those in great need with affordable housing, explaining how to file a building permit, offering recycling, yard waste and trash removal, or providing affordable wastewater treatment for businesses, industry, and residents, our local government must continue to oversee desired services for our taxpayers in a cost-effective manner.  We must also continue to assist our schools with law enforcement officers who are highly trained to meet the various needs of all our youth.  Lastly, working closely with not-for-profits will only enhance the programs they are able to offer residents and countless other stakeholders in our community.