Creating the Budget

Annually, a budget estimate is prepared by each department. Cuts may be made by the Department of Local Government and Finance (DGLF) and the Common Council. Transfers within each department’s estimated budget are also requested throughout the year. Therefore, it is difficult to post the city’s current budget online because of its ever-changing nature. However, the Clerk-Treasurer’s office will provide a copy of the budget estimates upon request.

Information about revenues, expenditures, assessed values, and more can be found on the State of Indiana's Local Government Finance Gateway Portal.

City of Warsaw Council Funds may be used for specific Not for Profit project needs or services that qualify as allowable uses of public funds. In some cases, funds may be used for general operating expenses. Organizations may apply for funding using the application below.

ARPA Grant Application (PDF)

Not for Profit Funding Request Application (PDF)

Not for Profit Funding Final Report Form (PDF)

For a copy of the budget or for more information, contact the Clerk-Treasurer's office at (574) 372-9545.