Cemetery Information

Cemetery Policies

All business (burial arrangements, pricing, work orders, complaints, etc.) should be conducted at the cemetery office. Lost and found articles should also be reported to the cemetery office. No interments will be permitted on Sundays or recognized national holidays.

Plans for mausoleums must be approved by the Board of Regents. Any memorial not of the standard material must also receive board approval. 

View Oakwood Cemetery's rules and regulations (PDF).

View Oakwood Cemetery's current pricing structure (PDF).

General Grounds

This traditional body burial area is the largest and greatest used area in the cemetery. One body burial and four cremations are allowed on each burial space.  Although cremation burials are allowed in this area the cost of burial lots in the Cremation Garden areas are more economical due to their smaller size.

Cremation Gardens

At this time we have three Cremation Garden areas. #3 Cremation Garden has burial lots available for purchase. Each lot in this garden has space for three urn burials. Monument rules are the same as the general burial grounds except the height restriction is a maximum of 30”.

Cremation Gardens Rules & Regulation (PDF)


The Garden of Angels

The Garden of Angels is a heart-shaped area situated on a slight hill near the cemetery entrance. Dedicated in 1983, it is specifically designated for burial of little ones up to two years of age and burial of cremains up to five years of age. This is in addition to North Babyland and South Babyland.

The purchase of lots in the Garden of Angels should be limited to accommodate children from infancy through two (2) years of age. The Board of Regents will exercise final approval of all grave markers and/or their installation.


These are granite structures that are used for above ground inurnment of cremains.  Location of the Columbariums are in #1 Cremation Garden and #2 Cremation Garden. The individual urn space is called a niche. Each niche holds one urn. The size of the niche requires that the maximum size of an urn is no more than 10 x 10 x 10. Information on the front plate of the niche is limited to the deceased name, birth date and death date. There are a few Cemetery Board approved emblems that can be engraved on the front plate as well.


Oakwood Cemetery has predominantly traditional below ground grave sites. However, mausoleums—above ground interment—provide a unique memorial art form to enhance the beauty of a cemetery. A blueprint of the area in question and placement of the mausoleum (including landscaping) should be presented to the Board of Regents before any work is done. All shrubbery must be maintained by the family. (Watering must be supervised by the Sexton.)

Saemann mausoleum