Cemetery History

Warsaw's early burial site was about two acres southeast of the center of town near a tamarack swamp. The property was deeded to the town in 1848 by Richard L. Britton for the purpose of providing a public burying ground.

That small plat of ground became overcrowded, and in 1874 the Town of Warsaw purchased what is now known as Oakwood Cemetery on the east shore of Pike Lake for $2,000 from Dr. Jacob Boss. Coincidentally, Dr. Boss was the first person buried in Oakwood Cemetery on August 6, 1874.

Cemetery Entrance 1907

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Cemetery Entrance Today

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Brock Monument

One of the unique grave sites is the Brock monument which features the full music score of the gospel hymn "Beyond the Sunset," written by Virgil and Blanche Brock. The monument was designed by Virgil in memory of his wife who died in 1958.

Thomas Hubler

Oakwood Cemetery contains the memorial to who is said to be the youngest Civil War Veteran. Thomas L.F. Hubler was born in Fort Wayne on October 9, 1851. The family moved to Warsaw when he was two. At the outbreak of the war, his father who had been a German soldier, raised a company of men in response to President Lincoln's call for 75,000 troops. "Little Tommy" was among the first to enlist in his father's company on April 17, 1861. 

Already a fair drummer, upon arriving in Indianapolis he was mustered in as one of the company musicians. The Company E, 12th Indiana Infantry, was assigned with the Army of the Potomac throughout all its campaigns in Maryland and Virginia. At the expiration of its term of service in August of 1862, "Little Tommy" re-enlisted and served to the end of the war in 1865, having been present in some 26 battles. Just over the age of ten, he was the youngest soldier who served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Other Unique Monuments

Quick monument

The Quick memorial—one of the largest in the cemetery with its family plot—is located in the northern section. Family members were among the first interred here (1878 and 1879). The Civil War Circle is nearby. The Legion Circle includes memorials for veterans of all the wars.

Tree Trunk monument

A tree trunk monument symbolizes the brevity (shortness) of life. 

Asher cross monument

Asher Cross Monument

Cemtery Chapel

Chipman Chapel was donated to Oakwood Cemetery by Samuel Chipman in 1902. Chipman Chapel fell into disrepair over the years and was demolished in the 1970s.

A new chapel was erected on the west side of the cemetery entrance in 2000.

Cemetery - Chipman Chapel 1
Cemetery - Chipman Chapel 2
Oakwood - Chapel today