Animal Control

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Warsaw City Code: Chapter 6 - Animals 

Animal Control also works with the Building Department regarding code enforcement (garage sales, tall grass and weeds). 

As a part of the services of the Warsaw Police Department, the mission of Animal Control is to respond to complaints regarding violations of city ordinances and/or Indiana State statutes for domestic and non-domestic animals. Warsaw Animal Control also transports domestic and non-domestic animal carcasses. When raccoons, opossums and other non-domestic animals create problems for residents of Warsaw, it is possible to obtain live traps through Animal Control on a short term basis to trap the problem animals, which are then relocated to animal preserves. 

DID YOU KNOW? Fast Facts about Animal Control

  • Every female dog or cat in heat shall be confined in a secure building or enclosure, so as to prevent conception, except during instances of planned breeding. City Code Chapter 6, Article III, Section 6-74.
  • Noise violations are among the most frequent complaints handled by Animal Control. If your dog barks, howls or makes other noises constantly, it can be disruptive to your neighbors’ lives. Barking that continues for 15 consecutive minutes or more than 20 minutes in any one hour is considered to be a violation of the ordinance.
  • Most people know that when they own a dog, it must be restrained from leaving the owner’s property or having the opportunity to leave the owner’s property, unless it is leashed and under the control of its owner or agent of the owner. It may surprise some people to know that cats have the same restrictions. Both dogs and cats must also receive annual rabies shots and wear the rabies tag at all times. Are your pets up-to-date? If your animals are for some reason found off of your property and unrestrained, Animal Control will need to see proof of up-to-date rabies vaccinations before the animal(s) can be released to you.

Pet Licenses

The Warsaw Police Department does not have a pet licensing program, except for wolf-hybrids, coydogs and dogs that have been classified as Potentially Dangerous Dogs. 

City Code Section 6-142 states: Wolf-hybrids and coydogs must be registered with the city and must be spayed/neutered and micro-chipped prior to registration. Failure to register wolf-hybrids and coydogs may result in impoundment of the animal.

The "Potentially Dangerous Dog" classification can be assigned to a dog who has exhibited aggressive behaviors and has bitten a person or domestic animal. There are different levels of classification, and requirements for micro-chipping and for keeping the dog confined at all times. These are listed in Chapter 6, Section V.

Contact Information

If you have questions about Warsaw’s city ordinances regarding animals or Animal Control, please call (574) 372-9515 and ask for the Warsaw Animal Control Officer. You can also send in questions, comments or complaints by email through the city website, under “Report A Concern/Request Tracker.”