Downtown Parking

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Warsaw businesses welcome visitors to our Downtown and strive to make parking easily available and convenient for shoppers. Employees of downtown businesses are encouraged to either rent reserved parking spaces or park along streets outside of the Central Business District which are designated as free parking with no time limit.

38owntown Parking Map (PDF)

Downtown Parking spaces:

  • 1,770 Private Spaces
  • 32 Off-Street 2-Hour Spaces
  • 340 On-Street 2-Hour Spaces
  • 60 Off-Street Unlimited Time Spaces
  • 50 Reserved Spaces (City-rented)
  • 2 Off-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces
  • 2 On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces
2019 Downtown Parking Sign

Parking Tickets

There is a 2-hour parking limit for downtown parking Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Parking tickets are issued for the following violations:

1st Overtime Parking$10.00
2nd Overtime Parking$20.00
Double Parking$10.00
Improper Parking$10.00
Alley Parking$10.00
Blocking Driveway$10.00
No Parking Area$10.00
Parking in Handicapped Stall$50.00

Parking violation fees are due and payable 30 days after receipt. Fines double if not paid within 30 days.


Checks or money orders should be made payable to: 

City of Warsaw - Attn: Parking Enforcement

2191 E. Fort Wayne Street, Warsaw, IN  46580

Credit card payments are accepted at the Warsaw Police Department with a 3% service fee. Please use the exact amount when paying fines. Thank you.

Parking Space Rentals

Reserved Spaces to Rent (50 total available)Rental Fee
City Lot #2 - SE corner of S. Indiana & Jefferson Streets$15 / month / parking space

City spaces are available to rent for six-month intervals only (January 1 - June 30, and July 1 - December 31), payable for the six-month period. To reserve a parking space, contact the Warsaw Police Department at (574) 372-9515.

In addition, the Times-Union has a limited number of rented parking spaces available to the public for $10 per month per space. Call (574) 267-3111 to check availability.