Airport Services

The Board of Aviation Commissioners, management and staff realize the lifeblood of Warsaw Municipal Airport are the corporate tenants on the field, with 95-percent of the airport’s revenue derived from fuel sales to these corporate flight departments. There is a close working relationship with each of the flight departments to make Warsaw Municipal Airport a community asset helping these corporations expand their businesses nationally and internationally, while also providing an excellent economic climate within our county.

Landing and Ramp Fees

No Fees

After-Hours Access

While the terminal is closed during off-hours, the airport is open with access to a telephone 24 hours a day. After-hours service can be obtained by calling (574) 267-3689. A $25 after-hours fee applies.


De-icing is not offered at this time.


Hangar Rent & Land Leasing

Hangar rent is $150.00 per hangar, contingent on availability.  For land leasing, contact the Airport Manager or Assistant for pricing and availability.


The airport leadership is intently interested in enhancing the safety and security of Warsaw Municipal Airport, particularly since 9-11.  Access to Aircraft Operation Areas (AOAs) is closely monitored and access is limited to authorized employees and aircraft owners.  The airport is an active participant in the AOPA’s Airport Watch program.