Reporting Violations

Report a Violation

To ensure safe and sanitary structural conditions in your neighborhood, you have the right to report ordinance violations. To do so, call the City of Warsaw Building Department at (574) 372-9548 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on week days. You may also report your concern online using our Report A Concern Tool or via the GoWarsaw mobile app.

Please keep in mind that a majority of these violations did not occur overnight. Therefore, a remedy may not be available overnight. Legal requirements regarding the notification of the property owner occasionally can delay action on the complaint. If at any time you do not see corrective action in an ordinance violation, please contact the Building Department for an update on the situation.

Responding to Violation Notices

You should never ignore a letter received from the City of Warsaw Building and Planning Department informing you of an ordinance violation that exists on your property. If the problem is not corrected, the property owner can be subject to fines, civil or criminal charges, and possible demolition of the building, if it is found to be dangerous.

Building Inspector Checking Electrical Panel

For the benefit of its residents, the City of Warsaw reserves the authority to remove trash, weeds, and junk autos; board up buildings; and order property owners to make repairs. The property owner will be billed for any actions taken by the city. If not paid, the bill will be legally pursued for collection, possibly resulting in a lien being placed against the property. Please remember these ordinances act as a service to the residents of the City of Warsaw to ensure their safety.

If you have any questions regarding a letter you may have received from the City of Warsaw Building and Planning Department, call (574) 372-9548 immediately to discuss it.