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Beyer Farm Greenway Trailhead

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The Beyer Farm Trail not only offers a tranquil escape for those in our community but it also helps educate the public about the surrounding wetlands, from explaining the functions of it as well as both the wildlife and vegetation that is present. When walking or riding on this trail, you will find about 1800 feet of boardwalk, encompassed in the wetlands with a new addition of a stone amphitheater located near the Kosciusko Community Hospital. Upon exiting the wetlands, an asphalt trail will appear near the lake shore to the Pike Lake Campground.

Visit one of several greenways or bike facilities in the Warsaw and Winona Lake communities. Whether you're looking to take a relaxing walk or ride your bike, we have the perfect places to go. Information on completed greenways, trailheads, and suggested bike routes can be found at the following resources: Ride Walk Kosciusko County