Can I have a camp fire or bonfire in my back yard?

A campfire or a recreational fire is described as "an outdoor fire utilized to cook food for human consumption". This is the most popular fire for hanging out in the back yard. These fires do not require a permit or have a limitation as to hours of operation. We ask citizens to use common sense when utilizing a recreational fire. Keep it small, attended, and in a ring on the ground or appropriate container away from houses, garages or wooden fences. A bonfire is described as "an outdoor fire used for ceremonial purposes". If you anticipate having a bonfire, please call the fire department for guidelines. As always, be considerate of your neighbors. We recommend you discuss this with them due to the potential of smoke interfering with possible health problems. In any event, if a complaint is called into the fire department, you may be asked to extinguish the fire. General Guidelines for Burning: Always use caution when burning. Any type of fire should be continuously attended. Do not go in the house or walk away from a burning, or even a smoldering fire. Keep children and animals away. Have a hose or bucket of water immediately available to extinguish the fire, and ensure the fire is completely out before leaving or retiring for the night. Recreational fires have caused numerous neighborhood conflicts over the years. Please be considerate of your neighbors--especially elderly neighbors with health conditions--when windows are open in the summer or when you see clothes drying on a line. The fire department reserves the right, and is required by law, to ask you to extinguish any type of fire if it causes a nuisance in the neighborhood. If you have any questions concerning the ordinance, or to issue a complaint, please call the department at (574) 372-9502.

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