Housing for Hope - Home Repair Programs

Housing for Hope operates several Revolving Loan Funds to help low-to-moderate income homeowners with needed home repairs. For Warsaw residents, specifically, the Home of Your Own program helps residents within city limits, while the Emergency program helps with those outside city limits.

These programs can assist homeowners with repairs/replacements including (but not limited to) furnaces, air conditioning, well pumps, roofs, windows, flooring, ramps, and much more.

After verifying income and property ownership, Housing for Hope can pay contractors for home repairs out of the revolving loan funds they have available. Depending on a family’s income and household size, they may pay back a percentage of the work done over a length of time that works with that family’s specific budget.

All repayments go directly into the revolving loan fund they were taken from to help pay for the next family down the line. This way, families know that they’re not just paying for their own work – they’re actually helping their neighbors as well. Additionally, these funds go back to community contractors, helping support local business.

Applications (PDF) can be mailed to 850 N. Harrison Street Warsaw, IN 46580, addressed to Housing for Hope.

Housing for Hope Application (PDF)

For questions or assistance, please call  574-269-7701 ext. 3778 or email us.

Required Documentation for Home Repairs

Listed below are the documents we need before we can hire a contractor to work on your house. We ask for the property ownership information to make sure you own your home, the income verifications to make sure you are eligible for the program, and the additional documents to make sure we calculate your income correctly. If you have any questions about anything listed, please contact us for assistance.

Property Ownership

  1. Photo ID
  2. Title or Deed to home
  3. Proof of homeowner’s insurance
  4. Property tax statement (proving you are paid in full for the spring/fall)
  5. Mortgage Statement

Income Verifications

  1. 30 days of current, consecutive paystubs (if applicable)
  2. Last 6 months’ bank statements (savings and checking)
  3. Social Security or SSI benefits statement (if applicable)
  4. Most recent filed federal tax return
    1. Must include W2s, 1099s, and any other applicable forms
    2. Proof of filing
  5. Balance of any outstanding debt

Additional documents – these may not apply to you

  1. Child Support/Alimony payment history
  2. If Self-Employed: 2 full years of tax returns for ALL household members and current year profit/loss statement
  3. 401k/retirement/employee savings balance
  4. Life insurance (cash value)
  5. Any other financial information you think might be relevant

NOTE: Bringing copies of the listed documents that you do not need returned will save a lot of time and allow us to get to work on your house faster. We can make copies at our office, but our printer is very slow and will take a long time (often 30-45 minutes for all documents).