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The book titled "A History of the City of Warsaw - Preserving the Past for the Future" was written by Michelle J. Bormet who served as administrative assistant to three Warsaw mayors from 1991 to 2014. Bormet began gathering information about the City of Warsaw's 22 mayors since 1875 to include on the city's website. She soon discovered that several mayors were lawyers, a couple were judges, and one was a doctor. In addition, she learned that a mayor started the popular Flagpole frozen custard drive-in and another had a dry cleaning business on the Courthouse Square. From there, the information began to flow together.

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"A History of Warsaw" contains 264 pages with more than 450 reprints of old photographs and color picture postcards. Included are many photos with unique stories and details about local businesses. (ISBN: 0-9617301-1-0)

The book sold out in early 2002. Copies of the 2nd printing are now available for $25.00 plus tax ($26.75 total) at the Mayor's Office, 102 S. Buffalo Street, Warsaw, IN 46580 (574-372-9595) and Kosciusko County Convention & Visitors Bureau, 111 Capital Drive (800-800-6090). For more information or to order a book, contact Michelle Bormet direct or leave a message at the Mayor's Office, 574-372-9595. NOTE: Add $5.00 for postage if you wish the book mailed to you.

Information about numerous businesses includes a history of who started the businesses, where they were located, and who has operated them since. The narrative is intermingled with interesting memories and recollections of local citizens who have lived in Warsaw over the years. In addition, the book has individual chapters about such interesting topics as the Opera House, the theatres and restaurants formerly in Downtown Warsaw, evolvement from the first grass landing strip for local pilots to the current municipal airport, the story of the former Murphy Medical Center, and the Chinworth stores over the years. Separate chapters also feature some of the prominent citizens who have contributed to the growth and progress of Warsaw during the past century.

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