District 2 Training Facility

Department Training

Fire department members attend training classes throughout the year on fire, hazardous materials, emergency medical treatment, water rescue and tactical rescue. Courses are taught by in-house certified instructors, IDHS District 2 instructors and other certified instructors throughout Indiana and the United States. All members attend weekly in-house training as well as weekly and monthly training respectively for Dive Team and TRT members. 

The department is a member of MABAS 201 (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System); an organization consisting of emergency response units throughout the Midwest. In addition to providing fire protection, MABAS 201 offers specialized operations teams for hazmat, water rescue/recovery and trench and building collapse. Members attend quarterly drills to keep their certifications and skills up to date. 

Tower Training

Upcoming Training Opportunities

When scheduled, training opportunities will be posted here. Check back regularly for updated information.

District 2 Training Facility

The training center is a District 2 training facility chosen by the State of Indiana. The training center is available to fire departments in Kosciusko County, District 2 and surrounding districts. For further information or to schedule the training facility, call (574) 372-9502

The training tower provides training for roof ventilation, victim search and rescue, hose line advancement, fire extinguishment, forcible entry, survival techniques such as ladder bail-out, and rescue work in confined spaces, as well as high and low angle rope rescue.